Signing Up for Classes

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We are always striving to make your experience at our studio positive, safe, comfortable, and fun. Part of that is getting everyone into the studio easily and efficiently.  Certain times of year and certain classes will experience higher attendance, making pre-registration for weekly classes very important. 

Please review our policy below regarding class attendance and overflow:


For your safety and comfort we never want to overfill classes, so we adhere to our studio maximum of 12-13 students.

Our scheduling software has the capability of establishing a wait list in the order of registration request. In the event that the maximum number of people pre-register, you will receive a waiting list confirmation. When a space opens up you will automatically be moved into the class and you will receive a notification. 

In order to be fair and consistent to all, priority is given in the following order:
1. Pre-registered students
2. Students on the waiting list
3. Walk-in students

Un-registered (walk-in) students will have to wait on standby until all registered students have arrived to claim their spaces. If you pre-register and are unable to make it, we ask that you remove your registration by logging onto the MindBody app or by calling or texting us as soon as possible so that another student has the opportunity to attend.

For your convenience there are several easy ways to

pre-register for classes:


Download the MindBody Connect App to Your Smartphone:

  • In your smartphone's app store, search for 'MindBody; Home, Workout & Fitness'. This is a free app.

  • Follow the downloading procedures and open the app. Follow the easy set-up steps and then in the "Wellness" tab search for 'Shore Bliss' and add us as a favorite. Begin registering for classes.


Visit our Website:


  • Bookmark this link on your computer and use it to access our online scheduling widget.


  • Find the class you want to register for and click 'Sign Up.'

  • Type in your user name and password and begin creating your schedule.


Tell Us in Person:


  • When you're in the studio signing in for a class, let the instructor know which classes you wish to attend and we'll register you right away.

  • Give us a call or text at 813-245-9044.

The smartphone app and our software both allow you to create reservations for single classes or create an entire schedule with recurring classes. We understand that sometimes you don't know if you are able to come to class until the day of, so again, the smartphone app is the quickest and easiest way to grab a spot on the go. Creating your schedule ahead of time is also a great way to ensure you make time for yourself and your well-being... if you have signed yourself up you are that much more likely to come!


When Arriving to Class:

IF YOU ARE PRE-REGISTERED... please leave shoes outside before entering the studio. Feel free to use our hand sanitizer. Wipes and/ or disinfecting spray are available to wipe your mat as you set up in a designated space. Set up your props (bolster, blanket, blocks), or you may borrow ours as you need. And relax until class starts.

IF YOU ARE NOT PRE-REGISTERED... please check on available space by talking to the instructor then wait outside. 
We are always monitoring class attendance, evaluating our schedule, and doing our best to meet the needs of our students in a way that is consistent with our values and our vision. If any class consistently acquires a waiting list (especially during this time of having to keep each class's attendance low) we will certainly look at expanding our current offerings.