To my Shore Bliss Yoga and Wellness Family,
It is with extreme mixed emotions that I must share the news of my inability to return to our space as a Yoga teacher. I originally planned to return in the Fall but after spending this Summer here in Pittsburgh it has become important to me and crucial to my family that I spend more of my time here helping with the ongoing care of my dear mom.  Though the work is quite challenging, it is completely overshadowed by my love for family and my desire and God-given ability to support and be with them.  Being “present” has many meanings and the universe has imparted to me what it means for me to be “present”, to be “here” at this time in my life.


Every day, as I deepen and participate in my personal yoga practice, I continually find joy in remembering our year together as we rolled out our mats and became one with our breath, our bodies, the movement and the space that is Shore Bliss Yoga and Wellness. And though I miss you all I am eternally Grateful for the yoga journey that we shared last year (the craziest year ever!!!!).  Ongoing healing occurred for all of us during that time, so I refuse to be sad, only grateful.

 Do not think for a moment that you have gotten rid of me, however.  I have every intention of continuing to practice with you all when I’m in town.  I’m so looking forward to being on that path with you as we learn from Genessis and the talented teachers that remain and/ or have joined/ rejoined the teaching staff. I’d also be honored if I could volunteer as a substitute if needed while I’m there. 

So, ladies I will be back this Fall, but not as a regular teacher on the schedule but as your humble Yogi-friend,


I love and miss you all! And I’ll See You in September!!!!