quantum flow


Designed to amplify strength, energy flexibility, mobility, focus and coordination for all levels, Quantum Flow is a manifestation practice that allows you to tap into the highest version of yourself. This is enabled by helping you transform the energy that has been imprinted and crystallized in your body and help move that energy towards your higher energy field, so you can start creating whatever you desire.

It will help you tap into a higher state of consciousness faster than any other method.

Using a combination of many ancestral techniques, Quantum Flow will help you come into greater consciousness. It is all about the science of how energy works and with QF we can bio-hack and transform the negative, stuck energy to positive, higher-frequency energy.

The class will start with a gentle practice, then moving to a combination of breath work,

movement, & meditation.

Join us Sunday, August 15th

1 - 2:30pm

Price is only $25

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Meet the Guest Teacher: Mindy Nazario has always been passionate about spirituality, and is keen to find ways to improve and better herself by reading tons of books, completing many online self-help courses, and attending many workshops. After healing herself from anxiety without medication only using Ayurveda plant medicine and Quantum Flow she has since dedicate herself to helping others with their journeys of healing naturally, the body mind and spirit.

She is a 200CYT, a Certified Quantum Flow Practitioner, a certified Ho’oponopono practitioner and holds a bachelor’s degree.