Mala Prayer Necklaces


Mala is Sanskrit meaning for Garland.  It is a string of beads traditionally used in meditation to count mantras helping to keep the mind focused.  


Join me as I share their ancient origins, the multiple purposes and the many parts which make them authentic all while crafting your very own necklace! Once completed, we will then participate in a guided meditation using our new beautiful necklace.


Whether you will continue to wear it around your neck or on your wrist, with purpose or just as a lovely accessary, you will get true enjoyment knowing you crafted this piece of art yourself!


Pre-registered participants will have a choice of bead type and choice of stretch cord

or waxed thread which will be emailed to you after registration.

Additional kits can be purchased upon advanced request or ordered. 

Extra charms and completed necklaces will also be available for purchase.


You MUST preregister for ALL crafting workshops to allow for enough supplies and lunch for all.

Price is only $35. You can register through the MindBody app here.