Weekly Class Descriptions:

Flow & Flexibility

Monday 6:30pm (Starting September 6th)

All Levels to Level 1 

A unique, balanced class experience combining active flowing movements followed by gentler rest and relaxation that together enhance body awareness, core strength and posture.  Class begins with a meditation to open our inner awareness, followed by moderately flowing postures to build inner warmth and core strength, and improve posture.  This gentle flow then transitions to slower, deeper stretching postures allowing us to increase flexibility, gently release tension and calm our nervous system. 


This class is perfect for students who have attended some classes and wish to deepen their practice by incorporating gentle flowing movement with slower, deeper stretching.  Guidance is offered through explanations of, and alternatives to postures, to welcome new students and help all feel welcome. A great class for those seeking some action while connecting with the power of our breath and getting to know our bodies and abilities.