First Visit FAQ

What should I do or expect on my first visit?

  • Please pre-register and plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes early to complete our short registration form and allow the teacher to give you a quick orientation of the studio. This is a great opportunity to let your instructor know of any concerns you have or any injuries you might be working through. To save time, consider using our online registration tool.

  • If you bring your cell phone inside, please remember to silence it.

  • Please remove shoes before entering and leave them on the shoe rack outside. This helps us protect the floor and keep it clean.

  • Try not to eat heavy meals 1-2 hours before class. Stretching and twisting are uncomfortable on a full stomach! If you must eat have a small, easily digestible snack. Hydrate well before and after class. Bottled water is available free of charge if you need or would like one.

  • Please avoid wearing perfumes and colognes to class. These scents intensify in close quarters when the body heats up, and many people are sensitive to them.

  • We value your time and make every effort to start and end classes promptly. We also understand that things happen and sometimes students run late. The door is locked 5 minutes after class begins and there is NO entry after this point. This is for your safety -- arriving more than a few minutes late entails missing crucial warm-up sequences that prepare your body and mind for practice. If you arrive a few minutes after class has begun and the door is unlocked, please enter and arrange your space quietly. We do NOT recommend leaving class early; Savasana is an invaluable way to integrate your practice and shift back into 'neutral.' However, if leaving early is unavoidable please alert your instructor before class that you will be doing so, pick a spot near the front of the studio, and pack up and exit quietly. 

  • Remember that yoga encourages non-competition, with ourselves and others. It is not a sport or a performing art, but a practice. Focus on your experience and what you can do, rather than comparing yourself to those around you and getting discouraged about what you "can't" do. There are no mirrors in our studio; yoga encourages us to look within.

  • Perhaps most importantly, remember that it's just yoga... don't take it too seriously! Relax and have FUN!




Frequently Asked Questions

Which class is right for me?

If you are brand new to yoga we recommend starting with classes that are listed on our schedule as 'Gentle' and 'Level I.' These classes are suitable for all levels of experience but are definitely beginner-friendly.  Another great option for brand new students is a 60-minute private session, which will be tailored specifically to your needs. If you have done yoga before but are just feeling a little rusty, you'll probably want to get your feet wet again with classes listed as Gentle or Level 1.


What should I wear?

Never a silly question! Wear clothing that is easy to move and stretch in; not too tight and not too loose. The body warms up during class and cools down during relaxation so you might want to layer. Yoga is practiced in bare feet but if you prefer wearing socks, make sure they have grippy bottoms to avoid slipping.


What should I bring?

If you have a yoga mat and props of your own, we invite you to bring them. We do have mats and props available for your use. You may want to bring a bottle of water and a small towel if you tend to sweat easily. For your convenience we have storage for keys and small bags; if you bring your cell phone inside please remember to silence it.


What are your class sizes like?

It of course depends upon the class, and certain times of year (such as the winter months) are higher-volume than others.  The maximum capacity of our space is 12 people. Classes can be pretty full or pretty light but generally they are somewhere in between. We highly suggest you register online ahead of time as a way to ensure you have a space in class. During high-volume times of year, pre-registration is essential -- if a class reaches capacity, unregistered students will be required to wait on stand-by until all registered students have arrived. Download the FREE MindBody app on your smartphone to reserve your space for each class with just a few taps!


Do you offer free trial classes?

It takes some exploration to discern whether yoga (in general) or a particular class is right for you. We would rather give you the opportunity to attend lots of classes at a deeply discounted rate rather than just one for free. We offer a New Student Special for $50 which entitles you to attend as many regularly scheduled classes as you'd like in a month. If you are still unsure about purchasing the New Student Special, you may pay the drop-in price of $12 and if you love your experience, tell us within seven days and we'll gladly upgrade you by just paying the difference.

Have a friend who has an Unlimited Membership?  Ask them about their "bring-a-friend" perks! 

If you are still unsure, we invite you to join us on the beach! Through our sister yoga group (Utsava Beach Yoga) you can experience a class similar to what you would find in the studio, and it is absolutely FREE! For more details, visit the Utsava Beach Yoga page here on our website, or the  Utsava Beach Yoga Facebook page!


I'm not flexible, can I do yoga?

A common misconception is that only flexible people can do yoga, but "flexible" yogis got flexible by doing yoga! We all have to start somewhere. Some main principles of yoga are non-competition (with others AND yourself) and non-judgment, accepting yourself as you are. With time and consistent practice stiff joints and muscles will loosen and the body will find more flexibility. Our instructors always provide variations and modifications to help you experience the poses in ways that work for your body.


What if I have injuries or chronic pain?

As with beginning any form of exercise, you should always consult a medical professional, especially if you have injuries or chronic pain. After your doctor or physical therapist clears you to practice yoga, please inform your instructors of your history so they can work with you to the best of their knowledge. Our therapeutic Chair/ Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes are perfect for those with special needs.


Will yoga help me lose weight?

Yoga can certainly be a valuable tool for weight loss. Some forms of yoga are more vigorous and aerobic than others but even milder forms of yoga help you cultivate better body awareness, which lends itself to better lifestyle choices.  Yoga postures strengthen and tone muscles as well, so you may lose inches before you lose pounds.


I'm pregnant, can I still take classes?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice yoga. Postures help strengthen and tone as well as provide flexibility and relief for the changing body. Breathing and mindfulness techniques help reduce anxiety and fear surrounding labor and delivery. We periodically offer a special Pre-Natal series when there is enough demand, but if no series is scheduled  we invite you to attend any of our Gentle or Level I classes (Level II if you have an established yoga practice) or schedule a personal session. Your instructor will work with you to modify the poses. During pregnancy you want to avoid intense abdominal work, strong twists, and of course any prone (belly-down) postures after the first trimester.  


Can I bring my child to class?

The minimum age to attend our classes is 13. Babies and children may not be left unattended in the practice area or the supply room while a parent(s) attend class. This is for the safety of the children and the comfort/respect of the other students.  We do not have classes for babies (i.e. Mom & Baby yoga), or kids yoga. We recommend exploring options for these types of classes at your local library, community recreation center, or at local 'play gyms' for children.


I've heard a lot about Bikram and hot yoga, what are they?

Bikram yoga is a trademarked, 90-minute, 26-pose sequence practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity; only an instructor certified in Bikram's school of yoga can teach this class. Each pose is performed twice on each side and the sequence is always the same.

'Hot Yoga' is a general term used to describe classes taught in a heated room. The instructor, temperature and sequencing can vary greatly. Both styles of yoga have gained popularity for their more vigorous, athletic approach. We do not offer Bikram as we do not have the proper heating system to safely and affordably reach the sweltering temps required.  If you are interested in heated yoga, join us for a class on the beach!

Do you offer virtual or online classes?

Currently, we are working on setting up an online subscription. We hope to have it up and ready no later than the first part of June 2022! In the meantime, you are welcome to watch an uploaded class or join live with our sister group Utsava Beach Yoga on Facebook.