Summer Schedule

Please note how our schedule has changed for the summer months. We will add classes back into the schedule as we have demand and teachers for them.

Click on each class for a pop up description.


10:30am   Blissful Blend (Beginner Level)

 4:00pm    Yin & Meditation (Gentle & Beginner Level)


10:30am   Gentle/ Chair Yoga (Limited Mobility & Gentle Levels)

 6:00pm    Hatha I (Level 1)

 6:30pm    Beach Yoga (see Utsava Beach Yoga tab for details)


10:30am   Temporarily Suspended       Healthy Hatha (Beginner & Level 1)

 6:00pm    Candlelight Flow (Beginner - Level 1)


10:30am   Gentle/ Chair Yoga (Limited Mobility & Gentle Levels)

 4:00pm    Shore Restorative (beginner & Level 1 - Restorative Yoga)


10:30am   Fantastic Friday (Beginner & Level 1)


 8:00am    Beach Yoga (see Utsava Beach Yoga tab for details)

 9:00am    Yin Yoga (Beginner & Level 1)


1st Week of the Month - Yoga Nidra


To sign into a class, click on the 'Sign Up' button and you will be prompted to enter your user name and password or create an account.  Once you're logged in, begin creating your schedule!

Classes and instructors are subject to change without notice.

A Note About Class Registration...

We highly recommend signing in for classes ahead of time.  

For the continues safety and comfort of our students, we are still limiting class sizes to 10 maximum.  Pre-registering is more important now more than ever.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.)


In the event a class reaches capacity, unregistered students will be required to wait on standby until all registered students have arrived.  Priority is given to pre-registered students, wait list students, and then walk-ins.  You can pre-register by using the scheduling widget above, or by downloading the MindBody app to your smartphone. 


IF YOU ARE PRE-REGISTERED... please leave shoes outside before entering the studio. Feel free to use our hand sanitizer. Wipes and/ or disinfecting spray are available to wipe your mat as you set up in a designated space. Mats and all props including blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks are available for use & sanitized after every class. And relax until class starts.


IF YOU ARE NOT PRE-REGISTERED... please check on available space by talking to the instructor. 

We are always monitoring class attendance, evaluating our schedule, and doing our best to meet the needs of our students in a way that is consistent with our values and our vision.

If any class consistently acquires a waiting list we will do our best to expand our current offerings.