Connect With Your Angels


Do you know we all are born with a divine support system that allows us to connect with our spirit guides via our intuition? While there are many types, this class will focus on angel guides that each and every one of us has, particularly the one we have had since birth (some say conception) and is with us during our entire lives - our guardian angel. Learn how to recognize the presence of your guardian angel, how they can materialize, and ways to summon them forth to protect, guide and nurture.


If you already have a relationship with your guardian angel, great! There are other supporting angels available for you to meet.


Props are available at the studio, but you are welcome to bring a mat, blanket, and/or pillows for your comfort, along with a notebook and pen if you wish to take notes.

This special offering will be lead by our own Lisa Muir who is a shamanic practitioner, reiki master and teacher residing in the South Shore area of Tampa Bay. She utilizes all of her professional training and life experience to help others heal and realize their full potential by reconnecting them to their authentic selves and intuitive wisdom.

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