Welcome to Summer!

Here we are just trucking right along into a new month! And being in Florida,

we are definitely feeling the summer sun!


The world around us is ever evolving, we hear the word “change” as much as we once heard “uncertainty”.

Knowing that these can be very good, we will continue to grow with the world;

united we will keep moving forward!


We have gotten through the hardest part of opening back up and staying open safely for our first month.

We are very happy with this success and are extremely grateful to all those who have helped us do so.

We will gladly continue our diligent cleaning and sanitizing to

ensure your safety as we proceed through this together.

Have you checked out our new class?

Try FUNcional Movement Yoga!

Monday & Tuesday at 12:15-1:15

To view the Frequently Asked Questions page regarding our Covid-19 safety efforts, please click here.

Yoga is for everyone...

At Shore Bliss, we take a traditional approach to classical Hatha yoga and adapt it for the everyday person who just wants to feel better in his or her skin; the person who wants to de-stress, the person who wants to live life with a little more awareness. We stretch, we explore, we meditate, we learn, we laugh.  No matter your age or size, we invite you to experience the benefits of yoga.  Bring your smile and a sense of curiosity and playfulness. 

Join us as we....

Breathe, Grow, Be.


Visit Us:

118 Flamingo Drive

Apollo Beach, FL 33572


Near the intersection of Flamingo & US HWY 41, just south of Apollo Beach Boulevard.



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